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G'bye '17, Welcome '18

I'm currently enduring the second wave of this unusually cold winter as I write this. I'm not much of a cold weather angler, so I'm trying to use this time wisely by getting the websites updated and finalizing some projects and starting some new ones. Make and mend days for sure. I've just finished the final art for my offshore-themed playing cards, and I'm finishing up a sweet 6 weight flyrod build.

Back in early December, I did some inshore fishing out of Harker's Island with Jay Beaver. We started out at the Cape Lookout Jetty, throwing jigs near the jetty, and followed the tide inland, hitting some holes along the way until we got to the Harker's Island Bridge. That's where we found the trout, on the bottom hitting our Gulp grubs pretty consistently. We ended up in the North River at a few points, using popping corks with mud minnows. Right before the very height of the tide a couple of decent drum hit our baits and gave us an exciting fight to the boat. What has me thinking of that trip is the fear that this extreme and prolonged cold spell has hit all those fish I was catching pretty hard. Everyone I've talked to seems to hold little hope that all those young trout survived the shock. It's unfortunate, but that is nature for you. "Nature-lovers" like to imagine there is some perfect balance to nature, if Man would just leave it alone. Those hunters and anglers who also love nature, understand it so much better, as a beautiful, but merciless world, where life comes and goes and comes back again on a schedule we can only pretend to know. I look forward to looking for signs of survival, and renewal this Spring.