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Oriental Technique

Currently I'm working on small watercolors for my upcoming set of playing cards featuring offshore fish and fishing scenes. In July, spent a week in Oriental, NC, as two of my children were attending sailing camp. I turned this into an opportunity for some distraction-free painting time. Each deck requires 54 unique images. I've found that painting them at around 4" x 7" is ideal, so I can add in just the right amount of detail for a playing card-sized image. I was able to re-awaken my watercolor skills, letting the water and pigments dance around on these little sheets of cold-pressed paper, scumbling and dragging various brushes, splattering, and sopping up the excess, with the end results a dozen or so candidates for my cards.

I also ate great seafood, watched Luke and Julia sail expertly into Town Harbor, caught a couple flounder, rode my cruiser bike all over town, and worked on building a little 2-weight flyrod. Great trip.

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