Hand-Built Cedar Strip Canoes  -  $2,375
These are handbuilt canoes by two brothers in Canada.
 The brothers are the sole builders of these craft from
the harvesting and preparing of the wood to the
traditional strip construction to the modern gelcoat outer
finish to the fine details such as the
stronger-than-wicker rawhide threaded seats.   Each
craft is a functional piece of art that begs you to put it in
the water.  At 16 feet long and under 50 pounds, it won't
punish you as you take it off the top of your vehicle.  It
has slight rocker for manueverability and a subtle keel
for straightline performance.  These canoes are truly a
dream to use and own.
Feel free to contact me for more information.
My cousin Matt Christian enjoying a beautiful day on Lake Toxaway with a cedar strip canoe.
Here you can see the rawhide threaded seats and traditional
strip canoe construction.